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Medical Supplies 

Main at Locust Pharmacy stands out by offering a diverse selection of medical equipment and supplies that go beyond what traditional pharmacies typically provide. With a strong commitment to meeting unique healthcare needs, our comprehensive inventory ensures access to high-quality products and services. From mobility aids to respiratory equipment, orthopedic supports to home healthcare essentials, we cater to a wide range of requirements.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is dedicated to providing personalized care, assisting you in selecting the most suitable equipment and supplies. We go beyond mere product provision by offering guidance, answering questions, and providing ongoing support throughout your healthcare journey. At Main at Locust Pharmacy, we prioritize exceptional customer service and aim to build lasting relationships with our valued customers. Experience the convenience and quality of Main at Locust Pharmacy for all your medical equipment and supply needs.

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DME Supplies

  • Walkers 

  • Wheelchairs 

  • Hospital beds 

  • Crutches 

  • Diabetic footwear 

  • Canes, commodes, patient lifts

  • Overbed tables

  • Bathroom safety equipment

  • Egg-Crate pads

  • Elevated toilet seats, disposable undergarments, and underpads

  • Seat cushions 

  • Ice machines 

  • Diabetic supplies 

  • Wound care supplies 

  • Ostomy 

  • Mastectomy prosthesis and bras

  • Blood glucose testing equipment

  • Urological supplies 

  • Tens units 

  • Blood pressure cuffs

  • Stethoscopes 

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