A pharmacist directed health clinic that offers individualized medication therapy management, immunizations, and health screenings. Main at Locust Pharmacy Clinic and Medical Supplies offers you years of experience providing these services.

Get the Facts on Zostavax: The Shingles Vaccine


You may have heard of shingles—a frequently painful disease that is marked by a blistering rash on one side of the face or body. But did you know that shingles is caused by the same virus that caused chickenpox? And that a person’s risk for shingles increases with age? The shingles vaccine, which is available at Main at Locust Pharmacy, can protect you from getting the shingles and the nerve pain associated with it.

Flu Shots

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Protect your loved ones, immunize yourself! Get your flu shot at Main at Locust Pharmacy during our normal business hours. No appointment needed. We also offer workplace flu clinics for employers as well.

Travel Health Clinic

When traveling out of the country, vaccinations are necessary to protect against diseases that are still common in many parts of the world, even though they may rarely occur in the United States. 22 to 44% of vacationing or mission travelers will experience a health-related issue during their travels. The CDC recommends vaccination approximately 8 weeks before travel is expected, however we can accommodate you as late as 1 week before. Don't Wait! Call 563-324-1641 to schedule your Travel Health Consultation.

The Travel Health Clinic Provides:

  • Destination-specific vaccine recommendations
  • Preventative Medications
  • A Travel Report for you to keep
  • Consultation on Vaccines, medications, and safety precautions
  • Notification of vaccination to your physician

Over the counter items available:

  • Mosquito protection
  • Water purification tablets
  • Travel size products
  • Sunburn protection & treatment
  • Sanitation assistance items
  • Treatment for Traveler's diarrhea
  • Motion sickness relief

We also can provide Malaria Prevention medications, Traveler’s Diarrhea Treatment Drugs, and Acute Mountain Sickness Prevention Drugs. TB testing is also available!

Available Vaccines:

  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • HPV
  • Meningococcal
  • MMR
  • Polio
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus
  • Whooping Cough
  • Typhoid
  • Varicella

What Is the Wellness Center?

The Wellness Center is a pharmacist directed health clinic that offers individuals or groups of individuals Health Risk Assessment and Management services. Main at Locust Pharmacy Clinic and Medical Supplies offers you 17 years’ experience providing these services. Risk assessment and management are important for early detection and prevention of chronic diseases. Pharmacists will focus on patient education, early detection and screenings, and comprehensive medication management. Whether you need ongoing health risk assessment and management, a single service, or a wellness day screening, Main at Locust will meet your needs. Call 563-324-1641 to schedule an appointment today!

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Current Services ( Package Deals Available)

Anticoagulation Monitoring

Persons taking Coumadin® or Warfarin to "thin their blood" can have their "blood-clotting" ability monitored with a simple fingerstick. Results are sent the same day to your physician.

Blood Pressure Management

75% of individuals with high blood pressure are not adequately controlling their blood pressure and over 30% of individuals with high blood pressure are unaware their pressure is high. Blood pressure is the primary risk factor in heart disease. Monitoring blood pressure trends can detect cardiovascular problems before they occur.

Body Fat Measurements

Body fat measurements are an excellent way to determine your healthy fat content or a good quantitative way to monitor fat loss. After all it is true, muscle weighs more than fat so your scale may go up as your size comes down. Your percent fat, however, would change as you lose fat and gain muscle.

Bone Density Screening

Women and men are susceptible to a condition of low bone mass called osteoporosis. This simple ultrasound heel scan will determine your relative risk of having a fracture due to low bone mass.

Cholesterol Screening

This Information is a useful tool when determining your risk for heart disease.

-Total Lipid Panel (TLP)

Dermaview Skin Analysis

The Dermaview system identifies sun damage and problem areas before the results are visible on the surface of your face. The process is easy and pain-free with instant results.

Diabetes Wellness Program

Persons living with diabetes may benefit from education, including proper medication use and blood glucose (sugar) monitoring, meal planning, and lifestyle modification suggestions. An initial education and planning session is performed with follow-up sessions as needed.

Saliva/Bloodspot Hormone Testing

Price varies per hormone tested.

Testing provides objective information to your physician about hormone imbalances that you may be experiencing and uses this information along with your subjective complaints to decide which hormone replacement therapy, if any, is best for you. Collection is easy and can be done any place at your convenience.

Smoking Cessation Wellness Program

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health. However, smoking still kills more than 400,000 persons each year in the United States. It has been shown that smoking cessation programs increase success rates to 99%. "QUIT" being a statistic and stop smoking today!

Lifestyle Change & Wellness Program

Fee based on Number and type of session.

Everyone could use a little help managing lifestyle changes. Whether your goal is to lose weight, lower cholesterol, or just be more healthy, this program is for you!


Bring in a list of your current medications and get your pharmacogenomic test done

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The process is simple

  • A visit to the pharmacy for a simple cheek swab
  • The sample is sealed and sent to the lab for analysis.
  • Results are back in 2 weeks

Meet with our lead pharmacist who explains the results, reviews your medication against the analysis and provides recommendations

Come into the pharmacy to get your test done or call us with questions or for an appointment:

participates in the MD Labs/Rxight™ pharmacogenetic testing program.

Please visit for more information.

Main at Locust Pharmacy participates in the MD Labs/Rxight™ pharmacogenetic testing program. Please visit for more information.

What Your Results Will Tell You

The results of this test could help you plan the medications you take for the rest of your life. Instead of the trial and error method of prescribing, the test results help patients and their healthcare providers get medications right from the start.

Your test results analyze your genetic profile against more than 200 prescription and Over the Counter medications. They provide information on what meds will be effective, ineffective or have negative side effects, based on your genetic makeup.The meaning of your results will be explained to you during a Personalized Medication Review (PMR) with our lead pharmacist, who is trained in pharmacogenetics and is a certified PMR specialist. During this review session the pharmacist will explain how your body might process different medications based on your genetics. As needed, the pharmacist will co-ordinate with your healthcare provider to discuss the results of the test and how they impact your medication.

Your genetic profile never changes, that means the results of your initial test won’t change.