Main Healthcare Pharmacy is our Extended Care Pharmacy serving both long term care facilities as well as assisted living facilities, group homes and residential care. With 2 locations to better serve your patients - 2151 Kimberly Road Bettendorf, IA 52722 and 655 Liberty Way North Liberty, IA 52317.

  • Phone: (563) 324-5004 | (888) 823-0923. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Pharmacists are available for emergency on-call 24-hours a day.


Trained in senior care, mental health and geriatric pharmacy, our consultant pharmacists provide ongoing monitoring for appropriate, effective and safe patient medication use. Our consultant pharmacists are nationally trained and knowledgeable in the current accepted Clinical Practice Standards and several are certified Geriatric Pharmacist.

Our consultants can help you with federal and state regulatory compliance as well as the complexities of insurance and financial issues.

Our consultant pharmacists are also educators, providing ongoing in-service programs to your healthcare staff on current medication topics. They are the liaison between the pharmacy and nursing staff as part of your interdisciplinary team in order to provide optimum care for your patients.

Our consultant pharmacists provide routine Medication Regimen Reviews (MRR) of all patients, which include:

  • Formulary management
  • Nursing recommendations for medication therapy
  • Physician recommendations for medication therapy
  • We provide you with a complete report summarizing our consultant's recommendations to improve your facility's processes and medication therapy performance.
  • For patients who qualify we can do Medication Therapy Management and can offer Comprehensive Medication Reviews, and a face to face meeting with our consultant pharmacist.

Other reports we provide include:

  • BBW (black box warning)
  • Antibiotic use
  • Psychoactive drug usage
  • Unnecessary medication utilization
  • Recommendation outcome trending for all homes
  • Medication utilization

Our analysis and advice can have a direct impact on your patient's quality of life and your financial performance. Our goals are to improve patient outcomes and help to reduce cost.

Technology Solutions

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Framework Link

Offer your facility staff the power of effective communication and robust information with trackable, functional FrameworkLink. This web-based companion product to FrameworkLTC helps facility staff share knowledge, track shipments and automate a number of daily tasks, while it supports pharmacy staff with better, more accurate information. Enrich every phase of the LTC pharmacy process with the dynamic information-sharing of FrameworkLink.

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Framework HL7

Integrate today’s medical technologies with your pharmacy workflow for new dynamic opportunities using FrameworkHL7. This companion product to FrameworkLTC becomes your connection to a whole world of added functionality and efficiencies, including electronic medication administration records (eMAR), EHRs, remote dispensing, and packaging technologies. Enjoy labor-saving solutions and improve accuracy with credible information at your fingertips.


ATP Series Automatic Tablet Packager

TCGRx’s ATP oral solid packager is engineered to provide better performance and greater reliability; making it the industry’s most advanced pouch packaging solution. TCGRx’s system is the only system on the market that allows 100% automation of formulary medications through the ATP and 100% verification of tray medications through the exclusive and patented Universal Lighted Tray. The ATP system facilitates both unit and multi-dose packaging by easily switching out the lower packaging unit which reduces downtime and provides on-site redundancy.



The InspectRx is a safe, fast, and accurate Medication Pouch Inspector. InspectRx provides visual inspection of 60 pouches per minute, identifies incorrect medications, and flags exceptions for pharmacist review. The optional collation unit, InspectRxPro™ further enhances the capabilities of InspectRx by sorting, rolling, cutting, and taping medications by patient, and isolating any pouches that are determined to contain errors.

Packaging Options

We offer a variety of medication delivery systems that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility. Our Pharmacist and staff will work with you to determine what is best for your facility taking into account cost as well as staff cost of each system.

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